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  • Beruntung banget pas bbrp minggu sblm hari H, direkomendasi teman ke Private WO. Staf2 nya kerja pro dan friendly, bikin kita gak terlalu tegang di hari H. Teamnya responsive banget, begitu ada masalah, langsung ditangani. Gak nyesel deh pilih Private WO.. ~Andre & Silvya~
  • Thank's for creating my perfect Bali Wedding. My guests, family and I've been very impressed by their professional preparation & organization. Lina was very detailed. She understand everything from songs, sound system, and even lighting effects. We've made the right choice to have you. ~Michael&Lia~
  • We were lucky to have met and dealt with such passionate people. She was friendly, very detailed and organized yet emphatic and patient in accommodating our individual schedules and expectations. She was clear, honest, and transparent when addressing issues... ~Anthony&Michiko~
  • Thank's for your help and the whole team making my dream wedding party like I wanted. I've received a lot of praise and compliment for the party.. People said "It's different, yet this is what real wedding party supposed to be" ~Johan&Vena~
  • Private WO was very helpful to our wedding. As a bride to be even though you know what you want, but Lina will help you to choose what is the best for your wedding. She was very exciting.. Everything went well beyond our expectation. Keep up a good work. ~Hengki&Mei~
  • We love your passion that you have and show into your work, we feel so grateful for the broad knowledge and problem solving skill that you have, and we admire your patience that you gave us.. ~Simon&Alice~

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